Copywriting R&R BBQ

Where working with the hottest BBQ restaurant in the state right now. R&R has four locations, and several more in the works.

I’ve been helping with copywriting for ads and videos, and helped create a database of language for marketing efforts. I’ve also helped formulate review responses.

Google Adwords

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Wording Database

Enter The Barbecue Strait and Narrow
Everything Goes Better With Barbecue
BBQ is Coming For You
Protein Like You Mean It
Mean, Mean Protein
Eat Like You Mean It


What’s With Professional Athletes Going Vegan?

I recently interviewed Erika Tymrak of the Utah Royals, a newly formed professional women’s soccer team. She went vegan a couple of years ago, and we had an interesting discussion about why high level athletes choose to eat more plant based.


SEO Writing, Blog Posts, Website Content

I write a lot of content for SEO purposes, mainly blogs with specific keyword targets. Here is a little sampling:

For this company I also do the creative design:

I also did the creative design for this blog, and wrote the piece:


I also write a lot of website content beyond blogs. For example:

I wrote essentially every page on this site:

Healthy Utah Magazine, September 2017

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 2.33.16 PMThis issue was my concept as managing editor. Many of our readers are young moms who have plans for more kids. I tried to come up with new and interesting angles on pregnancy and parenting that would intrigue readers.

As we were in the middle of writing and designing this issue, Fox got a hold of me, and asked if we’d be interested in doing a profile on Abby Huntsman, the daughter of former presidential candidate John Huntsman. She is a co-anchor on Fox and Friends in the morning, and grew up in Utah. She also was recently pregnant, which made for a great interview and profile that fit perfectly in the issue.

See issue:

I personally interviewed Abby and wrote the article. I also wrote the article about getting back to fitness after giving birth. I also organized and wrote all the product reviews.